The Innovation team fosters innovation within the bank by leveraging HSBC’s existing resources and global network, and through external collaboration. We also provide venture capital to select companies and partners.

The digital revolution has seen a sharp acceleration in recent times, with the proliferation of connected devices, systematic collection of connected device data, increased influence of social networks, lower cost of technology and spread of open source programming to name a few factors. The interplay of these factors has changed the landscape in financial services, creating new challenges and opportunities.

There are three main areas of focus: strategy and foresight, investments in Fintech companies, and internal promotion of innovation. The team is staffed by dedicated professionals with significant industry knowledge and experience, and ready access to HSBC's global network.

Innovation Strategy

The Innovation Strategy team analyses the external marketplace – providing a strategic framework, thought leadership and analysis on the direction of the financial and financial technology (FinTech) industries.

The team also engages with external bodies such as regulators on industry consultations, and promotes awareness and understanding of innovation trends within HSBC.

Furthermore, the team seeks to build and maintain external relationships with organisations such as universities and research institutions to explore current challenges and opportunities in the financial and Fintech industries which will be of strategic value to HSBC.

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Innovation Investments

Through strong connections with entrepreneurs, the venture community and HSBC Businesses, the Innovation Investment team creates an environment where emerging innovative companies can explore opportunities to test, refine and scale their offering. As a strategic investor we are eager to establish investment partnerships with innovative companies which will enable us to better serve our customers and enrich our capabilities as a bank.

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Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre is responsible for the collaboration, acceleration and execution of innovation activities, aligned with the priorities of the HSBC Group. Through proactive collaboration both across the Group and with external parties, the team is focused on the incubation of ideas through to proof of concepts, leading to the execution of innovative customer propositions. This includes the management of HSBC's contribution to external accelerator programmes such as the FinTech Innovation Lab, running within London and Hong Kong.

In addition, the team has a physical presence in the HSBC offices in London and Hong Kong (operational 2015) which are available to facilitate internal collaboration and collaboration with corporate clients.

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