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Global Emerging Markets Forum 2023

Surendra Rosha, Co-Chief executive, HSBC Asia-Pacific, talks about the 2023 HSBC Global Emerging Markets forum. The pandemic may be behind us, but many uncertainties remain for emerging markets. Get critical insights needed to navigate this environment with confidence.

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Experts answer your most urgent questions about emerging markets. Find out more by watching the below videos.

World's Best Emerging Markets Awards 2023

HSBC has been recognised for the second year by Global Finance Magazine as The World's Best Bank for Emerging Markets in 2023. Our unique global network facilitates huge trade and capital flows between developed markets and some of the world's fastest growing and most exciting economies in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Over the last 20 years emerging markets have contributed almost two thirds of the world's GDP growth. To my mind, they are and will remain, a powerhouse within the global economy.

Mark Tucker | HSBC Group Chairman


HSBC EM Sentiment Survey

Not giving up on EM

EM investors have become a little less bullish amid headwinds, but are still broadly constructive.

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Listen to our Emerging Markets Spotlight podcast mini-series created and hosted by HSBC that seeks to explore and understand the complex and critically important issues facing the world's emerging markets.

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The impact of T+1: are you prepared?

With the transition to the T+1 settlement cycle set to take place in May 2024, we look at what the impacts are expected to be, including challenges around time zones, FX and liquidity. We also talk about what clients should be focusing on and how HSBC is enhancing its offerings to provide support in this transition.

Nearshoring to Mexico: It's happening already, what's next?

Nearshoring is a growing trend in Mexico. In this episode, we explore what nearshoring is. We look at why it is happening in Mexico, and what makes Mexico such and attractive place for the phenomenon. Finally, we explore trends companies should be aware.

Insights from Asia

Growing across East and West corridors

The dynamic and exciting world of emerging markets spans the globe from Asia Pacific, Middle East, North Africa, all the way to Latin America. Our all-round expertise and on the ground experience in both developed and emerging markets will help connect clients across strategic corridors, navigate the complexity of doing business, financing and investing in the East and West.

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