Accessing Emerging Markets

The dynamic and exciting world of Emerging Markets (EM) spans the globe from Asia Pacific, Middle East, North Africa, all the way to Latin America. Our all-round expertise in this area and on the ground will help you open up a world of opportunities no matter where they are located.

Explore our latest insights on topics as diverse as macroeconomics, technological innovation, asset allocation, and the future of trade.

Global Emerging Markets Forum 2021

The Global Emerging Markets Forum is one of our largest events of the year, with over 100 high profile speakers globally, running over 60 thematic panel discussions. The Forum provides HSBC clients with unparalleled access to policymakers, key thought leaders covering geopolitics in all regions and from multiple angles.

This year's thematic panels addressed major emerging markets topics such as central bank digital currencies, consumer behaviour, economic country analysis and much more.

Read a summary of the policymaker briefings here.

For more information on this annual event or to get access the replays, please contact your HSBC representative.

Over the last 20 years emerging markets have contributed almost two thirds of the world's GDP growth. To my mind, they are and will remain, a powerhouse within the global economy.

Mark Tucker | HSBC Group Chairman

HSBC EM Sentiment Survey

Cautious yet engaged

EM investors have turned more bearish amid slowing growth, rising inflation, and concerns over Fed tightening.

Expert insights

Emerging markets and the growth drivers of the future

To see how emerging markets will recover and grow from the pandemic, it is essential to understand the new growth drivers – digital technology, trade, sustainability, and wealth.

Vietnam - Southeast Asia's rising star

As Vietnam comes out of lockdown, digital and sustainable considerations are developing alongside traditional growth drivers, such as manufacturing.

COP26 – Time is running out to save the planet

As world leaders gathered in Scotland for COP26, the role of financial institutions in driving the green agenda is coming to the fore.

Is the US dollar’s reserve currency status under threat?

As we head into a more multipolar monetary and financial system, central banks in both developed and emerging markets will have greater range of reserve assets to choose from.

Asset allocation – institutional investment trends in emerging markets

As emerging market performance diverges from developed peers, senior investors discuss the factors influencing their asset allocation decisions.

Realising onshore opportunities – the latest China investment trends

From investing in onshore securities to launching local investment products, foreign institutions are taking advantage of China’s increasingly open financial markets.

New opportunities in the UAE

Alongside traditional growth drivers – such as oil and real estate – the UAE is benefitting from the growth of new areas like ecommerce – highlighting how the Middle East could develop in the future.

World Cup Qatar – one year to kick off

With less than a year to go until Qatar hosts the FIFA World Cup™, the long-lasting legacy of the tournament could be how it reshapes perceptions of the Gulf state.

Latin America – understanding political risk

With political uncertainty in Latin America at its highest levels for decades, investors are assessing risks ahead of major 2022 elections in Brazil and Colombia.

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