The EMIR Delegated Reporting Service ePortal

The EMIR Delegated Reporting Service (DRS) ePortal is an online service offering available via HSBCnet. Existing users of the DRS will already have had their access upgraded between 28 July 2014 and 28 October 2014. If you are completely new to the DRS, you will first need to register. Upon your registration for this service, HSBC will contact you with further details.

The DRS ePortal provides you with the ability to change and submit static amendments and highlight and raise a trade discrepancy. With this service you will be able to navigate through a number of screens to access your trade data.

The online Delegated Reporting Service ePortal provides:

Accessibility and Data timeliness

  • Accessible 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Real time trade reporting updates information will be available on T+0


  • Ability to highlight and raise a trade discrepancy
  • Ability to change and submit static amendments real time
  • Ability to download your reportable trades to excel


  • Direct delivery of trade data to trade repository
  • Secure access to data for authorised users only


  • Trade detail with access to DTCC.xml message
  • Clearly indicated trade reporting status of each trade

If you are new to the HSBC EMIR Delegated Reporting Service and would like to register, please click here to onboard or contact regulatory.business.support.europe@hsbc.com for more information.

The Delegated Reporting ePortal service is not available to clients who trade with HSBC Bank USA NA.


Last updated: 22 November 2019