UK Money Markets Code

UK Money Markets Code

In April 2017, The Bank of England’s Money Markets Committee published the UK Money Markets Code (the “Code”). The Code is voluntary and sets out the standards and best practice expected from participants in the UK unsecured deposit, repo and securities lending markets.

The purpose of the Code is to help restore trust between participants in the financial markets by facilitating fair, effective and transparent markets. The Code is endorsed by the Money Markets Committee.

As a market participant who transacts in the UK markets and a member of the Money Markets Committee, HSBC has committed to adhering to the overriding and underpinning principles set out in the Code by signing the Statement of Commitment to the Code. The Head of Global Banking and Markets, Europe, has signed on behalf of HSBC Bank Plc and the Head of Global Markets and Balance Sheet Management has signed on behalf of HSBC UK Bank Plc, HSBC’s ring-fenced entity.

In addition to demonstrating our commitment to the Code on this website (see the documents below), we have also publicised our Statement of Commitment on the Bank of England’s public register

For further information on the Code, please refer to the Bank of England’s website.

Last updated: 28 September 2018