Game Changers - Future Trends in Securities Services


The Securities Services industry never stands still.  But today, it is changing as never before. The sector is being reshaped by fast-moving political and economic developments; by rapidly evolving demand in areas as diverse as investor protection, data management, risk awareness and transparency; and of course by exceptional advances in technology.

This unique combination of factors promises to completely alter the way services are delivered.

Against this backdrop we are proud to launch Game Changers, a campaign taking an in-depth look at factors with the potential to transform the Securities Services industry.  Our goal is provide asset owners and managers with a fresh, engaging perspective on key developments and their potentially far-reaching effects.

It remains to be seen exactly how these game changers will evolve, but there is no doubt they are already having an impact.  Firms throughout the investment industry need to respond by developing new capabilities. Those that can do so will be best placed to create value for investors - and for themselves.

The series begins with an overview of possible developments in custody between now and 2025. Over the coming months, we will address other topics such as alternative investments, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Distributed Ledger Technology in the Capital Markets

Distributed Ledger Technology in the Capital Markets

12 March 2019

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