The sixth edition of the “JieFu” ABS Annual Awards Ceremony was held in September 2020. Founded by the Chinese-focused financial publication CAISHIV(财视中国), the ceremony is dedicated to the securitisation market and recognises the leading ABS market participants from all over the country. Nominees were divided in six categories: originator, manager, investor, commercial property operator, lead underwriter and service provider.

In the service provider category, HSBC was named “Excellent ABS Account Bank” for the services provided by its Issuer Services business. Since establishing its ABS account bank services in China in 2015, when the local ABS market began to soar, HSBC has enriched its offering to support the needs of clients acting on the China Interbank Bond Market (“CIBM”).

Andy Cui, Head of Issuer Services China, says: “Earlier this year, we successfully expanded our service to Asset Backed Notes (ABN) account bank in the CIBM which further strengthened our leading position on the market as service providers. This is complemented by our dedicated and seasoned team of professionals on the ground who support clients across the country, which clearly differentiates us as well.”

Account bank services on the securitisation market are an important element to the success of a transaction. A key criteria for issuers and investors alike is to partner with a reliable counterparty demonstrating a strong credit rating to minimise counterparty risk, such as HSBC. Balance sheet is another key consideration for market participants. In the case of HSBC, the group’s robust balance sheet gives it seamless access to market liquidity, a strategic aspect for executing clients high-value payments.

“Being awarded this recognition, two years in a row, is a testimony to the franchise we have built in China and a direct result of our investment in the onshore Securitisation market. This achievement was made possible by the faith our clients have shown in us, commitment of our teams and support from our internal partners in client coverage, capital financing and structured finance. HSBC is completely focused on creating client centric solutions that support clients through the lifecycle of the transaction – and this set of origination-to-servicing capabilities is a perfect example of that. We look forward to achieving more in 2021 and beyond,” says Suvir Loomba, Head of Issuer Services Asia-Pacific.

Read the full article from CAISHIV(财视中国) here. (Chinese language)

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