Tackling climate change will be one of the defining themes of the next decade. But how quickly can we make the shift to a low-carbon economy? And are fuels such as hydrogen a realistic option for power generation and the transport sector?

HSBC Global Research will be putting hydrogen to the test by driving a hydrogen-powered Hyundai NEXO car from London to Frankfurt to attend HSBC’s 15th annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) conference on February 4-5.

“Finding low-carbon pathways through the 2020s and beyond is one of five key themes at this year’s ESG Conference. And it’s a topic we’ve been looking at in some detail here in Global Research,” says David May, Global Head of Research, who together with Xavier Gunner, Global Research’s Chief Operating Officer, will be making the 500-mile drive from London to Frankfurt.

“As we enter another decade, it’s clear we need to move towards a more sustainable way of living. But how do we get there? Last year we drove an electric vehicle to the ESG Conference. This year we’re testing hydrogen’s capabilities as an alternative fuel for cars,” says David.

The Hyundai NEXO is a sports utility vehicle that converts compressed hydrogen liquid into electricity. It emits heat and water vapour. CO2 emissions are zero.

Global Research analysts will be presenting their latest ideas and reports at the HSBC ESG Conference. Other themes covered at this year’s event include future consumers, future cities, the future of food and climate change adaptation.

Global Research has 350 analysts in 24 markets around the world covering economics, fixed income, FX and equities. The team has a particular focus on emerging markets as well as ESG.

From reports on trade and the environment to the circular economy, HSBC Global Research regularly incorporates ESG themes into its publications, podcasts and videos. Its award-winning research helps investors to identify opportunities and make informed investment decisions.

HSBC Global Research was ranked number one for Socially Responsible Investment & Sustainability research and Climate Change research in the 2019 Extel Survey.

For more information on the HSBC ESG Conference, watch this video or click here to register to attend. Track Global Research’s journey to Frankfurt on LinkedIn and follow #HSBCResearchHydrogen.

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