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2020 Key trends to watch in Corporate Banking: The growing use of Issuer Services

Capital markets and corporate banking are undergoing seismic changes. Giovanni Fenocchi, Global Head of Issuer Services and Patrick Nolan, Global Head of Corporate Banking discuss key trends likely to shape 2020 in their respective areas.


Asian High Yield – strong issuance and recent volatility

After a record-breaking start to the year, market participants are looking to see what lies ahead in the Asian high-yield market.

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Investor perspective – an outlook on Chinese debt

A low rate environment, the need to diversify, and the risk of credit events are all important events in influencing the decisions of Chinese fixed income investors.

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Bond Access – What the Chinese onshore bond market has to offer

Bond Connect is a key part of China opening up its financial markets, and international investors cannot afford to ignore it.

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