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Driving Digital Transformation in Securities Services

What are the opportunities around data and consistency in Securities Services?


Work to learn – is this the new paradigm shift?

A transformational mindset, adaptability and collaboration across generations are essential to succeed in a volatile future.

Video Report

The impact of ESG regulation and what it means for investors

Hear expert perspectives covering the rise of ESG regulation, the integration of climate risk within regulatory frameworks in Asia, as well as its implication for investors.


Asia’s credit markets look forward with confidence

Asia’s credit markets face a new and changed reality as the region slowly emerges from COVID-19 – but there are reasons to believe that regional bonds will perform well in 2021.

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Macro View on Bond Markets

The re-emergence of inflation this year caused many observers to predict that the US Federal Reserve may move quickly to raise interest rates. HSBC’s fixed income analysts see it differently.

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ESG enters Asia’s credit mainstream

Green, social and sustainability bonds are the fastest-growing segment in Asia’s bond market. As the drive towards net zero accelerates, this trend will only gather momentum.

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