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The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited

The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited

Achieving strategic cash management and greater cash efficiency in challenging times

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Can housing keep defying gravity

Can housing keep defying gravity?

Property prices worldwide have risen despite the recession. So far.

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Asia needs stamina

If the recovery isn’t too slow, perseverance is needed - and extra stimulus

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Climate is Asia’s next crisis

Coal usage exacerbates weather changes that threatens flooding and food supplies

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Feeding mainland China online

Internet grocery sales are the new battleground for online retailers

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Reshaping the future of supply chains in Asia

Against the backdrop of the global pandemic, businesses in Asia are looking at how they can better structure, finance and manage their supply chains.

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Asia saves – but still not enough

The region’s demographics mean putting away more for old age

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Mainland China’s rebound accelerates

Infrastructure and property recovery raises our 2020 GDP forecast to 2.4 per cent

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Global economic recovery continues

Inflation is the new risk and some central banks are proving more patient on policy than others


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