Thriving Treasury

Never in my memory has there been a more exciting time to be in treasury. The evolution of digital technologies, at both the platform level (such as mobile collections and real-time payments) and at the tool level (such as APIs, artificial intelligence and biometrics) is creating unprecedented opportunities for treasury to get greater control over their cash. As treasury becomes more automated, treasurers can look to leverage technology and to continue their shift to a more strategic agenda that helps them better optimise their liquidity positions.

Of course, there is always a flip side to opportunity and the rise of digital has also exposed treasury teams to cyberthreats and increased regulatory scrutiny. Additionally, the proliferation of collections channels, fuelled by digital developments, presents a challenge to treasurers who need to find ways to accommodate these new forms of payments.

To try to help treasury departments make sense of the opportunities and threats, we will be publishing a variety of insights across these themes, including a look at some of the significant regional opportunities, like the Belt and Road initiative, which afford treasurers with the opportunity to grow and thrive.

I hope you will find these materials useful.

Diane S Reyes

Diane S Reyes

Group General Manager and Head of Global Liquidity and Cash Management, HSBC