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19 June 2018

The rise in the number of lower-value payments is creating challenges and opportunities for corporate treasurers.


31 May 2018

Discover five solutions designed for asset managers to better manage FX risks.


1 March 2018

HSBC observes an increasing demand for FX services. How are services becoming an integral part of FX business?


Reasons Why Corporate Treasurers Should consider Partnering with an Investment Bank

5 February 2018

When it comes to risk management, payment optimisation and digitalisation, how can corporate treasurers leverage the capabilities of an international bank.


Leverage innovative FX payment solutions

2 February 2018

Growth in the range and depth of FX solutions, and regulatory and cultural differences across markets can create complexity for global solutions.


Digitalisation and the 'gig' economy

1 February 2018

Micropayments and lack of global presence is creating a number of payment challenges ranging from foreign exchange fees and transparency.


31 January 2018

A highly diversified global business, Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) found their cross-border supplier payments process to be increasingly less efficient as they continued growing their supplier base and expanding into new markets and channels.


31 January 2018

Whilst the banking industry continues to embrace digitalisation, treasurers continue to face multiple challenges when expanding international operations. How could innovations in FX payments make a difference?


31 January 2018

In today’s financial markets, market participants across the spectrum are faced with new challenges and opportunities to reform and reshape how their business is run in order to prepare for now and for the future. What are the solutions available to them to be prepared?