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PT HSBC Sekuritas Indonesia ("the company") was incorporated as a limited liability company under the name of PT Wardley James Capel Indonesia (WJCI) in Jakarta on 21 September 1989, for unlimited period. The company was established by James Capel International Holdings BV, Amsterdam, a subsidiary of the HSBC Group, and PT Nagamukti Adi, a subsidiary of the Tempo Group, Jakarta. The initial authorized capital was IDR8 billion consisting of 8,000 shares, with a nominal value of IDR1 million per share. Official commercial operation started on 8 February 1990. WJCI was the first foreign brokerage house operating in Indonesia.

In line with the HSBC Group global strategy, on 5 May 1995 WJCI was changed its name into PT HSBC Securities Indonesia. Shareholders have changed several times, the latest being when the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. took over from HSBC Securities (Asia) Ltd., Hongkong on 27 February 2006.

To meet the OJK requirement, the company had changed its name into PT HSBC Sekuritas Indonesia in January 2017. The company’s authorised capital and paid-up capital have been increased several times and they currently stand at IDR300 billion and IDR98.94 billion, respectively.


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Mohamad Oki Ramadhana


Ari Kartiko Wibowo

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The entire board of directors and personnel conducting regulated activities have the relevant individual OJK broker-dealer and/or underwriter licence.