Sustainable Financing

The Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey

In this fourth year of running the survey the results have highlighted notable trends shaping sustainable finance. Each of the 1,000 issuers and 1,000 investors across the 34 markets and four regions are asked the same questions and the results are compiled and analysed to deliver relevant insights. Read more


Our global survey of 1,000 issuers and 1,000 investors reveals that sustainable investing is becoming mainstream and shows how the effects of COVID-19 are changing attitudes amongst market participants.

Results from HSBC’s sustainable finance and investing survey in the Americas show a strong trend toward green and ESG options

This in-depth survey of 182 issuers’ and investors’ views on sustainable finance shows that environmental questions in particular are now a core element in their thinking about financing and investing.

Issuers and investors in Asia show the strongest commitment to environmental and social issues of any region and the most optimism for the potential of sustainable infrastructure investment.

Our survey of 180 issuers and investors underscores how official support and the appetite of issuers and investors are driving China’s increasingly dynamic sustainable finance market.

European issuers are showing increasing commitment to green and sustainable financing, according to HSBC’s survey of capital markets issuers and investors in the region.

Changes in attitude towards green infrastructure, social welfare and sustainable finance are taking place in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT) region, according to HSBC’s survey of capital markets issuers and investors on ESG.

Our detailed study of the views on sustainable financing and investing of 180 issuers and investors shows that participants on both sides of the market are responding to environmental threats and to inequalities in society.

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