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Welcome to the latest edition of the Rethinking treasury newsletter.

“Rethinking Treasury” aims to help corporate treasurers prepare for upcoming challenges by providing best practice expertise, insight and analysis from HSBC subject matter experts and industry leaders.

Each newsletter will feature an interview with a corporate treasurer, sharing their “Fab 5”.

James Bracewell, Chief Financial Director at MPM Products, shares his insight on the treasury function in this second issue of the Treasurer’s Fab 5:

  • Tell us about your career path and what particular experience has been most valuable to you along the way?
  • What is the biggest challenge you currently face?
  • How is the performance of your treasury group measured?
  • What takes up most of your time?
  • How has technology changed treasury?


Our selected insights

The Science of Regret applied to Treasury Risk Management in three points

Adco Leung, Thought Leadership Asia-Pacific

  • Understanding the science behind "regret"
  • “Regret” can be an “agency problem”
  • Turning “regret” to your advantage: redefining the default


Designing an Effective FX Risk Management Policy

Edward Hyon, Thought Leadership Asia-Pacific

  • An FX risk management policy/framework is essential
  • Historical movement of implied volatility for selected currencies against the USD
  • Adopting a risk management framework and the importance of governance


HSBC Global Risk Management Survey

Johannes Franz Herrmann, Thought Leadership EMEA

  • In Q1 2018, HSBC conducted a survey among its multinational clients with the objective of identifying key trends and themes reshaping the treasury function
  • Survey results provide valuable insights into treasury trends and allow participants to benchmark their risk management against industry and regional peers


Trade wars; Round two: China, retaliation and the auto threat

Provided by HSBC Global Research

  • US tariffs on imports from China, widespread retaliation on US tariffs on steel and a growing risk tariffs extend to autos...
  • ...all take trade actions to a new more worrying stage
  • Overall direct growth impact may not look big but risks to investment spending and world trading system are growing


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