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Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

23 July 2018

What are they and are they different?


In conversation with SVP and Treasurer Colleen Ostrowski

23 July 2018

Read the third issue of our Treasurer's Fab 5 series.


Rethinking Treasury - Becoming the CFO’s trusted lieutenant

29 June 2018

Approximately 200 CFOs and 300 treasurers share their perspectives on treasury in the HSBC Risk Management survey.


In conversation with Chief Financial Director James Bracewell

22 June 2018

Read the second issue of our Treasurer’s Fab 5 series.


90 seconds to understand Transactional FX

20 June 2018

Greg Edwards, Global Head of Transactional FX, explains the recent trends in the digitalisation of FX payments.


FX payments innovation: four trends to watch

19 June 2018

The rise in the number of lower-value payments is creating challenges and opportunities for corporate treasurers.


Treasurers, how overconfident are you?

1 June 2018

Read the fifth issue of our Rethinking Treasury series.


In conversation with Group Treasurer Christof Nelischer

18 May 2018

Read the first issue of our Treasurer’s Fab 5 series.


Contingency planning: Are you ready for Brexit?

17 May 2018

UK banks may not be able to provide certain products and services to EEA entities if Brexit is not ratified.


Designing an Effective FX Risk Management Policy

15 May 2018

Treasurers should take into account key considerations when designing an FX treasury policy, avoiding leaving the company exposed to negative outcomes.


Two ways to identify best practices for hedging

14 May 2018

Read the fourth issue of our Rethinking Treasury series.


FX payments: How to digitalise the currency language?

26 April 2018

Corporate treasurers dealing with cross-border payments and collections face major challenges and opportunities. Could digitalisation be the solution?


The importance of quantitative approaches in risk management in three points

19 April 2018

Read the third issue of our Rethinking Treasury series.


The Science of Regret applied to Treasury Risk Management in three points

21 March 2018

Read the second issue of our Rethinking Treasury series.


Three scientific reasons why companies hedge

26 February 2018

Read the first issue of our Rethinking Treasury series.


Two reasons why the digitalisation of markets could transform treasury

6 February 2018

Today, with advancements such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and machine learning, among others; the applications seem virtually limitless. Where will digitalisation take treasury?


Reasons Why Corporate Treasurers Should consider Partnering with an Investment Bank

5 February 2018

When it comes to risk management, payment optimisation and digitalisation, how can corporate treasurers leverage the capabilities of an international bank.


Leverage innovative FX payment solutions

2 February 2018

Growth in the range and depth of FX solutions, and regulatory and cultural differences across markets can create complexity for global solutions.


Digitalisation and the 'gig' economy

1 February 2018

Micropayments and lack of global presence is creating a number of payment challenges ranging from foreign exchange fees and transparency.


FCTG: Simplifying payments, maximising FX efficiencies

31 January 2018

A highly diversified global business, Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) found their cross-border supplier payments process to be increasingly less efficient as they continued growing their supplier base and expanding into new markets and channels.


How e-FX innovation can empower corporate treasurers

6 November 2017

Technology has changed the way we do just about everything. From booking airline tickets, to getting mortgages – advances over the last 20 years have made it possible to manage even the most complex tasks in a few clicks. How can e-FX technology support corporate treasurers in the same way?


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