Webcast Presentations

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Developments in Trade Policy

24 May 2018
Discussion topics include the rising trade tension between the US and China following the increase of trade measures by the US and possible implications for corporate hedging.

Brazil & Mexico: Elections, trade and reform

10 April 2018
Discussion topics include upcoming elections and implications of NAFTA for Mexico as well as pending reforms in Brazil.

Disruptive Technologies: Changes to Strategy and Rethinking Risk Management

06 March 2018
Discussion topics include disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, AI, and Automated Vehicles (AVs) and discussion on the different stages of the "disruption framework" for these technologies, how likely are they to disrupt different industries, and how companies can garner these disruptions to further their mission.

HSBC Global Economics: What to expect in 2018

06 February 2018
Discussion topics include the 2018 global growth outlook and risk management practice in the current environment.

US Taxes: Potential Corporate Finance and Risk Management Considerations for Corporates – From an International Perspective

29 January 2018
On 22 December 2017, President Trump signed into law a bill which heralds significant changes to the taxation of US companies. Discussion topics include potential considerations for non-US parented companies with US operations, subsidiaries or other entities, including the impact on company valuation, funding strategy and debt profile considerations given new interest expense deductibility limits and other provision.

Not all banks are created equal

04 January 2018
Discussion topics include the analysis of banks' credit fundamentals and discussion on the HSBC European banks credit outlook for 2018.