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At HSBC Global Banking and Markets (GBM), we open a world of opportunity to help corporates, financial institutions, communities and governments to connect and grow.

For our clients, intellectual capital is as important as financial capital. How, where and what our clients trade and invest is changing. In an increasingly interconnected, yet volatile and fast-changing world, our clients need safe and trustworthy banking that creates the foundation for growth across borders. New opportunities and business models lie in the interconnected digital and data worlds. Long-term, sustainable success is now linked to the strength and sustainability of our clients’ partner ecosystems.

At HSBC, we are uniquely placed to help our clients thrive in this fast-changing new world – by helping them seize opportunities to innovate and grow. We do this by combining intellectual capital, deep sector expertise, and global product capabilities in investment banking, transaction banking, risk management and distribution, financial markets, and securities services. With a network covering 90% of the world’s trade and capital flows and an on-the-ground presence in more than 60 countries and territories, we are integral to our clients’ international growth.

We provide international clients with unrivalled access to Asia and the Middle East, with 70% of GBM investments booked in the East originating from clients in the West. We empower clients in the East to access Western capital markets, and we facilitate trade and capital flows across the world.

Watch this video to find out more about our expansive network, and why our clients trust us to help them invest, trade and transact across borders.

Client-focused solutions

Client relationships underpin everything we do. The trust we have built – combined with our product breadth, global reach and financing strength – sets us apart and enables us to support some of the world’s largest corporates, institutions, private capital clients, and government organisations.

Our clients value our insight in the world’s economies and financial markets and benefit from our intellectual capital and award-winning research by analysts who cover c 1,900 companies globally.


We have made meaningful progress in partnering with our clients to support their transition to lower emissions. We are working with our clients to understand their needs and support their own transition, especially those in high-emitting sectors and emerging markets who have the most challenging path to decarbonisation ahead. Our global scale, connectivity, and heritage means we are at the heart of the transition in the sectors and geographies with the most change ahead. With a strong market position, we are accelerating our ability to capture the commercial opportunities around the transition, particularly in climate tech and infrastructure finance.

Positioned for growth

We have a strong capital base which, combined with robust risk management, has enabled us to invest in our business, technology, and people. As a financially strong and resilient client-focused business, we provide reassurance and clients can depend on us to navigate uncertainty in turbulent times.

Our focus on profitable growth is underpinned by our approach to conduct and always doing the right thing for our clients, our people, and the communities in which we operate.

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