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Can MENAT region make meaningful steps towards a low-carbon economy?


A Q&A on how the pandemic is affecting schemes designed to reduce emissions


Emerging markets have been big drivers of global growth since the financial crisis


China is probably the most significant player in the future of cars in particular electric vehicles (EV)

All countries are being impacted, some more than others


With trade tensions between the US and China still in focus, it's easy to forget the many ways trade pacts are opening up new opportunities for companies


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The Open Pass - our weekly free to share content (April 13) | Free to Read | HSBC Global Research

In this week's Open Pass, Stephen King explains why improved productivity is so crucial to our long-term economic prospects; Shanella Rajanayagam looks at some of the factors influencing vaccine trade patterns; and we have our ESG Brief podcast, which looks at a range of the latest climate issues, and our Macro Viewpoint podcast.


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