Artificial Intelligence

Responsible AI is at the core of our ambitions to Digitise at Scale. We develop solutions, using cutting edge machine learning approaches, to significantly improve our ability to manage risk and enhance client experience.

AI is not just a buzzword for us; it’s a fundamental pillar of our strategy for digitising at scale. Through thoughtful use of machine learning, we are able to offer our clients more personalised experiences, make better data-driven decisions, and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry.

Christiane Lindenschmidt | Chief Digital and Data Officer, Markets and Securities Services, HSBC

Our AI strategy


Creating tools, platforms, and services that enable our business to harness the power of advanced analytics and AI, in service of their strategic objectives.


Providing leadership, best-practice, research, and education for furthering the use of AI across Global Banking and Markets.


Defining and employing best practices for the fair, explainable, and transparent use of Artificial Intelligence.

AI Capabilities

Our AI Capabilities team consists of machine learning (ML) researchers, data scientists, and ML Engineers who collaborate with teams across sales, trading, quantitative research, and operations, to combine deep business knowledge with technical ML expertise to build scalable solutions across the business, partnering with businesses across GBM to experiment with, build, deploy and share ML solutions across the following:

Reinforcement Learning

Enabling systems to learn optimal action sequences in complex environments.

Natural Language Processing & Large Language Models

Understanding, contextualising, and responding to written and spoken language.

Recommender Systems

Providing users with bespoke, highly personalised recommendations.

Time Series forecasting

Employing advanced ML to make predictions about future values based on patterns observed in historical data.

Anomaly Detection

Identifying unusual patterns that deviate from expected behaviour.

Responsible AI

Fairness, accountability, transparency and ethics is at the core of how we research and deliver AI-powered solutions. Our AI team brings together researchers and practitioners to develop and embed best practices, software, and frameworks to support AI explainability and fairness. MSS has established an AI Ethics Committee, comprised of senior business leaders and other subject matter experts, to ensure uses of AI within our business align to HSBC's Principles for the Ethical Use of Data and AI.

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