HSBC Global Investment Summit

The inaugural HSBC Global Investment Summit took place on the 8 to 10 April 2024 in Hong Kong, bringing together over 3,000 delegates to discuss the global trends and topics shaping our world.

Understand the new networks shaping our global economy

At a time of profound change and often competing priorities, the HSBC Global Investment Summit allows for an open and frank exchange of thoughts and ideas between world-class experts, political leaders, institutional investors and top decision-makers. Our speakers offer their unique insights, perspectives and knowledge on a wide range of critical topics affecting the global economy.

Held in the days immediately after the HSBC Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, this event welcomed visitors from all over the world to a truly exceptional global occasion.

Emerging markets

Emerging markets are the powerhouses of global growth. Economic development in these dynamic countries delivers improved living standards for their citizens, while at the same time providing attractive opportunities to businesses and investors. Several of these countries are now among the largest economies in the world, making them influential actors on the world stage.

At the Global Investment Summit, we explored some of the fastest growing and most exciting economies in the world – such as China, India, and the ASEAN bloc of nations. Expert insight was provided by a wide range of prominent business leaders, leading economists, and influential investors, who shared ideas on how to navigate the emerging market landscape with confidence.

ASEAN – a region on the rise

ASEAN is a region on the rise. As the world’s fifth largest economy, it enjoys favourable demographics due to its young population, while its manufacturing is rapidly moving up the value chain.

Spotlight on India: Factors driving the markets

More than 90 million individual investors trade on India’s stock markets, often making small trades on their smartphones to buy exposure to the country’s growth story. Find out more about the measures that aim to increase participation in the markets.

Understanding China’s economic evolution

The Chinese economy is in transition as the growth drivers of the past are replaced by new industries that could power the next phase of development.

Financial trends

Investors face a challenging financial environment – lingering inflation and monetary policy are just two topics that are creating high levels of uncertainty. But at the same time, periods of volatility can present interesting investment opportunities.

Short-term and long-term financial developments were discussed at the Global Investment Summit. The immediate outlook for US monetary policy was the subject of an in-depth analysis by a former Fed central banker, while more fundamental shifts in finance were considered by top investors and prominent economists – such as the ongoing shift towards private markets and the future of the US dollar as a reserve currency.

The future of reserve currencies in a multipolar world

Is the US dollar’s status as the leading international reserve currency under threat? Could a fiscal event damage the reputation of the US dollar as a safe haven? A leading economist shares his outlook.

The big deal in private markets

Private markets, with an AUM of US$13.1 trillion, are on a roll. Private credit, real estate, and infrastructure are increasingly popular investment destinations among a broadening investment base.

Technology and innovation

We are living in a period of dramatic technological change. The advent of artificial intelligence, for example, is the latest innovation that looks set to transform the world, and there are widespread expectations that it will have an enormous impact on the world of work, as well as how we live our day-to-day lives.

The Global Investment Summit looked to the future, with a special focus on how business leaders can thrive in a fast-changing technological environment that never stands still. Furthermore, we took a deep dive into generative AI and how it is transforming everything from investing and healthcare to the way we interact with technology.

Thriving in the never normal

We now live in the never normal, a period characterised by a constantly changing business environment. Hear a serial entrepreneur discusses what companies must do to survive and thrive in an everchanging world.

The promise of AI in healthcare

Generative AI is set to push the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare, enabling faster drug discoveries, personalised drug dosage and medical care, and longer lives through early detection of critical illnesses.

Understanding the transformative potential of GenAI

Generative AI is a transformative technology that is still in its infancy, and although there are great hopes of productivity gains, there are also concerns of the risks.

Trade and geopolitics

Robust international commerce is essential for the health of the international economy. But trade tensions threaten to disrupt the flow of goods and services between countries, with tariffs and other tools of protectionism being used more by a number of major economies. There are even concerns that globalisation itself could be under threat.

How global trade is evolving was a central theme for the Global Investment Summit, which brought together speakers to discuss the ways that globalisation appears to be in danger, but also the ways a connected global order can be repaired. At the same time, we heard about the new trade corridors that opening up between regions – most notably linking Asia with the Middle East – and the potential for these new commercial ties to shape the world over the coming decades.

Reconfiguring globalisation in a new world order

Globalisation is under threat, as the interdependence created by trade and technology is starting to break down. Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown shares his vision on how greater multilateral cooperation is needed to reconfigure a globalised world.

Why China-Middle East corridor promises mutual benefits

Hong Kong could be a major gateway for investments on a new investment corridor between the Middle East and mainland China.

Chinese technology – advancing through headwinds

Tensions between China and the US are resulting in trade restrictions that are pushing China to focus more on technological self-sufficiency.

The Private Wealth Sessions

At the Global Investment Summit’s Private Wealth Sessions, we assembled a wide range of experts from across the world to discuss the future of investing and how to navigate the uncertain investment landscape. The sessions began with Nuno Matos, Chief Executive Officer, Wealth and Personal Banking, HSBC giving a broadly optimistic outlook on the global economy, with a focus on the demographic, technological and sustainable opportunities in Asia.

This was followed by a fireside chat with two titans of the financial industry: Michael Gitlin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Capital Group, and Robert Kapito, President and Director, BlackRock, who discussed the differences between active and passive management, and the reasons for moving out cash holdings. There was also a panel on the rise of the markets for private assets.

The final panels moved away from investment topics to look at the broader developments that affect how we live our lives. This includes the rise of technology, especially the challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence; as well as an exploration of how businesses can best serve the evolving needs of Asia’s wealthy.

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