Market Space

HSBC MarketSpace

Welcome to HSBC MarketSpace, an innovative new platform that reimagines the client experience and provides access to a marketplace of post-trade services and solutions from HSBC and 3rd party service providers.

This hyper-connected ecosystem is built upon our well-established, fully functional HSBC in-house developed data solution called Unity, which provides a unified, consistent data source to power the high velocity, multilateral connectivity required between market participants in the ecosystem.

Leveraging HSBC’s extensive custody network and securities services capabilities, HSBC MarketSpace enables participants to build on the latest technologies and data to create and monetise ideas in a rapid and cost-effective manner.

Key benefits

All in one place

Your best-in-class post-trade solutions, all in one place

Real time data

Work smarter by accessing real-time data and leveraging multilateral connections

Simple and easy

Easier access with less risk leading to more opportunities through seamless connectivity

Simplicity and flexibility

HSBC MarketSpace is built on an open architecture infrastructure that enables service providers to add, develop and enhance services directly on the platform. Clients then have the flexibility to choose and connect to their preferred services.

Drive efficiency

Access to real-time data means decisions can be made much faster. Multilateral connectivity streamlines data transfer with service providers and other market participants, speeding up the process and providing greater all-round efficiency.

Reduce risks

Maximum interoperability with minimal downtime allows you to seamlessly integrate with your chosen solutions, reducing the implementation risk associated with operating and business model transformation.

Consistency is key

Whether you’re a service provider or client, with HSBC MarketSpace you’ll benefit from a totally consistent data and digital experience.

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