Discovering the MarketSpace ecosystem

MarketSpace in a nutshell is HSBC's new markets and securities services solution which allows our clients to access a range of HSBC and partner services through one single access point.

Collaborating with Clients and Partners for the Future

HSBC MarketSpace aims to revolutionize the once complex and fragmented landscape of the post-trade environment transforming how HSBC connects to our clients and to the market.

MarketSpace will do this by uniting business services across HSBC Group and partnering with strategic third party providers to meet the client needs of today and tomorrow in an easily scalable and adaptable way.

MarketSpace aims to bring financial markets closer to clients, creating operational efficiencies that can be reinvested into more value added services, presenting a unique opportunity to connect through our platform model, utilizing the power of technical infrastructure & data.

MarketSpace benefits from the strength of the foundational blocks of HSBC’s existing core technology infrastructure, where we have invested in a high level of data consistency and simplification of our data flows. The open architecture enables third party partners to add, develop, and enhance their services directly on the platform whilst giving clients the flexibility to choose and connect with their preferred services. We continue to focus on innovation around data aggregation and normalization to drive consistency across our global network.

MarketSpace use cases

Universal Connector

A single connectivity point which provides clients with real-time flow of information across multiple markets, tapping on HSBC’s unrivalled reach and market expertise across Asia and the Middle East.

ESG App Store

HSBC’s ESG App Store will connect clients to a range of third party partner services covering a wide range of specialisms, aligning to clients’ specific ESG strategies, geographies & asset classes.

FX Validation

An API enabled solution, integrated within HSBC’s MarketSpace Ecosystem, allowing clients accessing restricted markets to validate whether transactions are valid to proceed for FX execution.

Digital Assets

HSBC’s new tokenized asset platform underpinned by Distributed Ledger Technology, will be agnostic to asset representation and have the ability to connect to external networks, enabling the launch of digitally native assets and paving the way for a future of enhanced origination, asset servicing and distribution capabilities.

Custody APIs

HSBC’s Custody APIs provide a new channel for clients to closely integrate with HSBC on a system-to-system connectivity for all post-trade data and processing information. This will allow clients more flexibility on the use of the data they consume, creating more value internally for their operations as well as to their clients through faster access to data.

HSBC Group Services Integration

The HSBC MarketSpace ecosystem creates simplification opportunities between HSBC Group Services business flows through enhanced digital channels and data integration.


Latest insights

The Future of Custody Podcast: Discovering the MarketSpace ecosystem

In this podcast, the HSBC team are joined by TMI’s Eleanor Hill to discuss the latest trends in the custody arena. They cover HSBC’s overarching vision for the future of custody, and how our platform, MarketSpace, will connect the industry for clients through one single access ecosystem.

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