Supporting Central Banks

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Our work with Central Banks

As a trusted partner to Central Banks, we’ve helped clients solve a broad range of problems worldwide.

Supporting Egypt’s economic development

Find out how our $2bn repo helped solve Egypt's currency crisis in 2016.

Central Bank Digital Currencies

Working with IBM, HSBC helped the Banque de France to successfully complete the first tranche of its experimentation programme in Central Bank Digital Currency.

Reserve Management Trends

Keep up to date with the latest insight and research from the HSBC Reserve Management Trends 2023 publication, in partnership with This includes the results from the unique survey of 83 Central Banks, representing approximately 59 % of global reserves and an average holding of $84 billion. Some of the key takeaways were as follows:

  • Sticky inflation and managing interest rate volatility are unsurprisingly the main concerns for reserve managers
  • Geopolitics is an increasingly important risk factor in reserve management
  • 67% expect gold holdings of central banks to increase this year
  • RMB allocations are predicted to increase over the coming years but more gradually than previously envisaged
  • Diversification is still on the agenda despite challenging markets

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