The 2021 Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey

Capital markets are making a dramatic shift towards a more sustainable future

What does this look like and what does it mean? HSBC’s Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey explores the key trends shaping ESG and sustainable finance, revealing the latest thinking and insights on this topic.

Now in its fifth year running, the Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey charts market sentiment and evolving attitudes to better understand this critical space. It is a comprehensive global survey of 2,000 capital market issuers and investors across 19 industries and based in 34 territories in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and ASEAN.

Global report

Global Research

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Americas report

Issuers and investors in this region have galvanized behind the green and sustainability movement. 80% of investors here say environmental and social issues are very important – more than double that of any other region.

ASEAN report

Is a big change coming for ASEAN? 84% of issuers here say they expect a noticeable or substantial change to capital allocation in the next five years.

Asia report

Outpacing any other region, 78% of issuers in Asia expect their company to seek advice on green, social or sustainability issues in the next 12 months.

Europe report

Europe appears to be embracing sustainability. An overwhelming 92% of investors from the region say their responsibility to society has changed – higher than anywhere else.

MENAT report

In this year’s survey, customer and employee sentiment are cited as two of the most powerful forces driving issuers to care about environment and social concerns.

A new urgency for collective change

For the last five years, HSBC has commissioned a survey of 2,000 market participants to better understand how sustainability is viewed and how it impacts on the decisions of issuers and investors.

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