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Transforming payments for AsiaPac with a truly virtual solution

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Hong Kong-headquartered AsiaPac is a leader in digital marketing across the region. AsiaPac leverages its AI data analytics, and search optimisation tools to drive digital marketing campaigns on behalf of its business customers.

The Challenge

AsiaPac makes a large number of payments each month to platforms such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Tiktok on behalf of customers, faced with:

  • Inefficient payments and fraud risk due to manual data entry
  • Inability to create working capital advantage and generate investment returns

The Solution

  • AsiaPac can now make payments to digital platforms and receive monthly subscriptions from customers via HSBC’s Virtual Card programme
  • Card usage can be defined precisely through HSBC’s digital cards portal, generating one-time card numbers, and setting limits on value, expiry and merchants

HSBC Virtual Card in Practice

The Outcome

A new payment model is created with better efficiency and experience across AsiaPac’s ecosystem.

Benefits for AsiaPac

  • Increased payment visibility with added efficiency and security
  • Improved access to working capital with an interest-free credit period*
  • Attractive rebates give further financial benefit
  • Prompt and simple payments result in better customer relationships with vendors
  • Virtual payment model helps to open up new opportunities for AsiaPac

How HSBC can help

HSBC Virtual Card is an innovative business-to-business payment solution to help you facilitate payments without a physical card.

Benefits for AsiaPac's clients

  • Convenient payment and improved working capital by using cards
  • Ease of doing business with AsiaPac helps build long-term

HSBC’s Virtual Card solution makes it easier for us to pay our digital platform vendors, and enables our customers to make faster payments using cards. The interest-free credit period also provides greater flexibility for us to manage our working capital.

Christine Chong | Chief Operating Officer, AsiaPac Net Media

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