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Automating reconciliation for J-Express through HSBC DART

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PT Jaya Ekspress Transindo (J-Express) is a dedicated logistics company, providing solutions for online sellers and corporate clients in Indonesia.

About J-Express

J-Express offers unique services for B2B deliveries, including cash on delivery, card swipe on delivery and extensive tracking apps which make online business more efficient and effective.

The Challenge

To support its growth, J-Express needed:

  • A scalable, fully digitised collection and reconciliation solution
  • A reliable cash management bank with proven strong track record
  • Integration with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform

We are committed to strengthen our digital proposition to enable our clients to reconcile customer payments automatically.

Eri Budiono | Commercial Banking Director, PT Bank HSBC Indonesia

The Solution

  • J-Express implemented HSBC’s Digital Accounts Receivables Tool (DART), a digital platform that connects buyers and sellers online
  • DART automates settlement and reconciliation of invoices, with full ERP integration

Customer payments and reconciliation at J-Express


DART is a B2B invoice management platform that allows companies and customers to exchange information about open invoices and make payments.

By automating collection processes, our finance team has become more efficient, and we are able to provide the best service to our customers.

Leonard Johanes Pontoh | Chief Financial Officer, PT Jaya Ekspress Transindo

The Outcome

HSBC DART benefits both J-Express and its customers

For J-Express:

  • Straight-through reconciliation rates increased from 40% to 100%

  • Up to 50% reduction in reconciliation time

  • Faster deployment of working capital

  • An easy, scalable digital solution

Customers of J-Express can:

  • Receive invoices digitally

  • Select invoices to pay online

  • Pay simply via their preferred payment method

  • Unlock credit lines more quickly to enable more business

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