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ONE implements cashless collections for a digital shipping industry

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One of the world’s eminent names in logistics, the Ocean Network Express (ONE) Group employs 50,000 people in 44 markets across the globe. They provide their services to 106 markets through one of the world’s largest container ship fleets.

ONE has made it their mission to define the future of container shipping, and thus seek to continually innovate by harnessing the latest in technology.


Shipping industry has been dominated by paper transactions, creating operational risks and reconciliation challenges that slows down cargo movements.

As digital payments adoption is on the upward trend, ONE sets out to transform its customers’ journey to ultimately deliver a superior customer experience in a more sophisticated payment landscape.

The transformation

In close collaboration with HSBC, ONE has implemented a variety of digital collections solutions across Asia Pacific to achieve these ambitions.

ONE enabled QR code embedded invoices in Singapore and Hong Kong, allowing customers to easily scan and confirm real-time payments using their preferred mobile banking application. This provides a convenient digital alternative for customers to pay in-person, while ONE receives funds and accompanying credit information near-instantly to hasten cargo movement.

While in Indonesia, ONE leveraged the capabilities of HSBC’s Omni Collect solution to allow its customers to pay for invoices digitally on its e-portal (One-line) via a HSBC API integrated payment gateway. With Omni Collect, ONE receives end-of-day consolidated collections reports in a standardised format for faster reconciliation which is critical for movement of goods.

These solutions have brought tremendous transformation and efficiency to its customers’ journey and a global blueprint is already in place to adopt similar solutions across continents.

Embarking on this journey with HSBC was truly a win-win, as we have managed to optimise internal processes on top of providing more convenience and flexibility to our customers. We continue to incorporate digital payment support in additional markets where possible to continue bringing the shipping industry into the future by driving more cashless transactions.

Alan Sze | Deputy General Manager, BPIT Strategy and Innovation, BPM – Corporate, ONE Group

The success

  • Superior customer experience with digital payment channels
  • Scalability of the digital solutions globally to extend the benefits to its staff and customers
  • Higher efficiency and security with reduced operational risks in cheques and cash handling
  • Greater automation on receivables' reconciliation

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