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Using APIs to improve the online purchasing experience

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The company is one of the most established semiconductor and integrated circuit producers in the world.

Electronic designers and manufacturers around the world use their components to power the next wave of technology used in a range of sectors, including consumer electronics, communications, and the automotive industry.

In addition to technology, customer service is a priority as they seek to understand the changing needs of the distinct groups of buyers that make up their 100,000 customers.

The Challenge

Our client was seeking to change their sales model for SME buyers by:

  • Tapping into the growth of online B2B buyers, taking into consideration that over a third of all B2B buyers prefer digital over traditional channels to research new suppliers1
  • Our client wanted to reach out directly to the growing pool of these buyers

Creating direct relationships with buyers for:

  • Greater control of the digital customer experience
  • Access to insights into purchasing and supply chain patterns
  • Targeting repeat buyers with digital marketing

The Solution

Offering a Point of Sale Financing option (via a Receiveables Finance product) was seen as critical to the online experience. Using HSBC APIs, a seamless and fully embedded financing option was created within the client's eCommerce platform to allow their business and institutional customers to pay in instalments.


Rapid set-up and assessment

1. Buyer creates account on seller's sales portal; details shared with HSBC

2. HSBC completes credit assessment. If approved, buyer is notified


Fully integrated payment option

3. Approved buyer2 opts to pay on terms at check-out

4. Order shipped, invoice shared with HSBC


Seller paid now – Buyer pays later

5. HSBC pays seller on T+1

6. Buyer pays HSBC on agreed payment terms

Our enhanced online service is truly a win-win result – not only from a purchase efficiency point of view, but also from a cashflow point of view – our customers benefit from access to extended payment terms, while we are able to reconcile our sales straight away.

Head of eCommerce Payments, Semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Producer

The Outcome

With an enhanced online experience, our client boosted sales by:

  • Providing extended payment terms to buyers of up to 30 days
  • Increasing average order value by 5 times or more (compared to other payment methods such as Credit Cards)3
  • Improving margins by selling direct to buyers

With working capital and cashflow benefits for both the:

  • Seller – who is paid immediately
  • Buyer – who accesses extended payment terms at no extra cost

In the first year:

  • 800+ buyers obtained point of sale financing
  • Extending payment terms for 8,000+ invoices

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