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The future of funds

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To cast a view on the ‘Future of Funds’, one must take a moment to appreciate the path taken over the ’History of Funds‘, a journey which has crafted them into what they are today. Funds and their associated structures have served as the centrepin of institutional investment products for the past 100 years in their current form, but the origins date back to the 18th century.

Moving to the 21st century, we’ve observed solid recovery from the Global Financial Crisis in global markets, not to mention the unprecedented disruption and long-term damage from the COVID era. Consequently, the industry has experienced prolonged fee compression out of compounding factors which include ever increasing competition in funds management between top-end players, market share from leaner, tech driven incumbents and increased investor expectations in relation to the cost of investment fund products. Asset allocation and management advice have each led industry players to reassess how funds can stay competitive and where to focus resources and energy.

HSBC and Northern Trust report - The future of funds

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