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FX Overlay is an automation and outsourcing solution to help HSBC's clients improve FX hedging efficiency, reduce operational risk and increase transparency.

HSBC is committed to providing best in class FX Risk Management, delivering strategic solutions that allow you to achieve your FX objectives.

As a leading global FX Overlay provider, we operate with a client-led approach, allowing you to leverage our size, strength and commitment of resources in the execution of your chosen strategy.

Portfolio managers, quantitative experts and product specialists provide the foundation for a tailored programme that can improve FX hedging efficiency, reduce operational risk and meet governance and oversight requirements. Implementation entails the automation of FX Risk Management concepts or entire workflows.

Products have been built to meet the needs of Institutional Investors and Corporates.

Utilising HSBC’s strengths as a leading provider of FX market access and services, our clients benefit from our scalable and open architecture platform to automate and manage complex FX strategies.

Marc Tuehl | Global Head of FX Overlay


  • European Pensions Awards 2023 – Currency Manager of the Year
  • European Pensions Awards 2022 – Currency Manager of the Year
  • European Pensions Awards 2021 – Currency Manager of the Year


Solutions for Institutional Clients

HSBC provides hedging services for FX risks in internationally invested asset pools. We help Asset Managers, Insurance Companies, Public and Private Pension Funds, Foundations and Wealth Managers to optimize their FX experience.

Solutions include FX Cash Flow Risk Management, FX Risk Exposure Management and the creation of currency hedged investment options.

Solutions for Corporate Clients

HSBC provides dedicated digital solutions to help corporate clients manage FX risk. Bespoke services allow the automation of FX risk management for corporate treasury exposures. We also support clients with strategies that enhance the risk and return profile of strategic hedging programmes resulting in asymmetric pay-out profiles.

Innovative Infrastructure and Automation of FX risk management solutions

As our client, you will have access to our automated risk management lifecycle solutions optimising the FX management workflow. These benefits can be used as a complete package or in a modular approach. Our platform is based on an open architecture in terms of involved service and data providers, strategy providers and execution venues / methodologies. For many clients we facilitate direct connectivity to front office portfolio or treasury management systems.


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