The Liquidity Management Portal

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Seamlessly connecting treasury teams with their liquidity. Our team is ready to discuss your needs and help support you.

HSBC's Liquidity Management Portal (LMP) is an online service that offers a consolidated view of your cash position globally and tools to help you self-manage your liquidity, all of which can facilitate improved, better informed funding and investment decisions.

End to End Liquidity Management with the Liquidity Management Portal

Learn how your treasury team can manage their liquidity and access data and insights from HSBC and third party accounts around the world to enhance cash visibility, optimise cash flow forecasting, consolidate excess cash and automate investment activity.

The portal includes an option to access a Cash Flow Forecasting tool, which allows you to compile a forecast of all cash movements that impact your organisation's day to day cash position, from present to your chosen time horizon and into the future.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Explore how HSBC’s Cash flow forecasting service can help you to replace complex spreadsheets by streamlining forecasting process and enable you to make informed decision with data-driven insights.

The portal also provides you with a Dashboard, offering a real-time view of cash positions across multiple banks and products. At the click of a button, you can drill-down from a consolidated view of your organisation's balances globally, to an individual account.

The range of functionality enables you to query and, ultimately, self-manage your liquidity & investments without having to call us or spend time form-filling.

Overall, the portal enables you to digitally interact with us in a simple & convenient way, including via the HSBCnet Mobile App.

The Liquidity Management Dashboard

HSBC Liquidity Management - The Liquidity Management Dashboard

HSBC has created a Liquidity Management Dashboard, accessible via HSBCnet. This provides a dynamic and graphical view of Liquidity KPIs for Treasurers and is designed to help you manage overall liquidity positions and make effective investment and funding decisions.

Analysing your accounts

How LMD can help customers analyse their accounts using analytical tools and bespoke reporting.

Analysing your transactions

How LMD can help customers analyse their transactions using analytical tools and bespoke reporting.

Analysing your historical balances

How LMD can help customers review historical balances and transactions and spot outliers and trends.

LMD Account Attributes

How to use account attributes to create a bespoke view of accounts and balances to suit the customer's reporting requirements.

Monitoring your liquidity structures

How LMD can help customers review and monitor balances of liquidity structures their organisation has set up.


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