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HSBC Real Clear is an innovative tool that redefines clearing. It delivers real-time* visibility of top day’s clearing activity, risk & collateral exposure, margin and more…

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Introducing HSBC Real Clear

Know where you are today so you can get ahead for tomorrow with real-time* visibility of your clearing activity with HSBC Real Clear. Seamlessly integrated with your existing systems, HSBC Real Clear enhances all aspects of your business and operations front to back, providing you with greater visibility, control and efficiency.

Features at a glance

Monitor Clearing Activity

Access real-time* trading activity, including updated initial and variation margin figures, and positions valued at exchange prices, 24/7.

Optimise Funding Decisions

Monitor forecasted margin calls alongside real-time* collateral holdings to anticipate collateral movements efficiently.

Simulate Margins

Assess the impact of new trades per execution with the Initial Margin ‘What If’ tool for better decision-making.

Manage Trading Risk

Gain real-time* insights into mark-to-market, exposure, and limit utilisation to effectively manage trading risks.

Streamline Operations

Utilise a real-time* client portal delivering a comprehensive range of services to enhance your operational efficiencies.

Unified System

Seamlessly integrate with our existing DCS platform, providing all necessary tools to optimise daily tasks in one consolidated platform.


Led by innovation, backed by the scale and financial strength of a leading global bank.

Initial Margin ‘’What if’’ tools for new trades

Easily simulate a theoretical portfolio and generate estimated values of Initial Margin, with upload of your actual or theoretical positions.

Collateral decisions on T for T +1 margin calls

Simple real-time* assessment on T for T+1 margin call sourcing cash on T to meet next day currency cut-off, and cheapest non-cash collateral to deliver against IM requirement.

Mark-to-Market valuation real-time*

Provides you with real-time* updating of your asset and liability values based on current market prices.

Real-Time* intraday clearing

Real-time* updating of your clearer credit exposure via intra-day credit utilisation.

Manage trade events ahead of T +1 completion

Meet everything you need to meet T+1 smoothly and efficiently.

Derivatives Clearing Services

With HSBC's worldwide global presence, customers can confidently transact and better manage risk and liquidity.


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