PT HSBC Sekuritas Indonesia

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Corporate governance

Terms of reference

Our values

Our values define who we are as an organisation and what makes us distinctive.

By operating in accordance with our values, we are:

  • Standing firm for what is right, delivering on commitments, being resilient and trustworthy
  • Taking personal accountability, being decisive, using judgment and common sense, empowering others
Open to different ideas and cultures
  • Communicating openly, honestly and transparently, welcoming challenge, learning from mistakes
  • Listening, treating people fairly, being inclusive, valuing different perspectives
Connected to customers, communities, regulators and each other
  • Building connections, being aware of external issues, collaborating across boundaries
  • Caring about individuals and their progress, showing respect, being supportive and responsive

These values reflect the best aspects of our 150-year heritage. They are vital to fulfilling our purpose of helping businesses to thrive, economies to prosper and people to realise their ambitions.

Further information about HSBC’s values is available on our corporate website. Please note this is English language only.

Compliance function and policy

The Role of the Regulatory Compliance (RC) Functions

The role of the RC function is to assist the business and risk owners in their management of RC risk as the second line of defence.

RC’s role is to understand the regulatory landscape and work with the business to help them identify and manage their regulatory compliance risks. RC provides independent and objective oversight and challenge, and promotes a compliance-orientated culture, supporting the business in delivering fair outcomes for customers, ensuring the orderly and transparent operation of financial markets, and achieving HSBC’s strategic objectives.

RC’s commitments are to be:

Focused on the risks to customers and the business. In doing so RC proactively advises on what is right and acts with courage to challenge and escalate; assesses the design and operational effectiveness of the controls in the business to mitigate regulatory risks, and identify areas for improvement; and to help the business to deliver fair outcomes for customers and to act with integrity across markets and borders.

Knowledgeable and insightful. RC aims to understand the spirit and the letter of laws and regulations; know the business and markets; make sound judgements based on evidence; learn from mistakes; share good practice and be forward looking.

Connected across global businesses, functions and geographies. To do so, RC aims to work together to get the right information to the right people; leverage global approaches, and; be open and transparent in its interactions across the Group, customers and regulators.