Ganesh Iyer

Global Product Manager for Escrows, Issuer Services

A collection of recently published insights from Ganesh Iyer.


Equity market activity fuels escrow demand in Asia-Pacific

Despite all of the volatility and uncertainty unleashed by COVID-19, equity capital markets across Asia-Pacific are thriving, with many markets reforming their IPO regimes to attract more international listings.

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Covid-19, E-commerce, Infrastructure and Escrows in India: 4 trends to watch

Despite the economic challenges being inflicted by Covid-19, India’s growth journey could benefit from the upward trajectory observed in the e-commerce, digital services and infrastructure sectors, all of which could have a knock-on impact on the demand for escrow solutions.

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Infrastructure and Structured Finance insights. Part 1: Asia-Pacific and Middle East

As organisations increasingly adopt sustainability-related measures across APAC and MENAT, there is a growing requirement for infrastructure and structured finance markets to continue to quickly adapt to the fast-changing environment.

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