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Welcome to HSBC Global Research’s live insights, a series of interviews streamed live and open to all. The aim of the series is to bring to life our key themes, offer thought leadership and to discuss topical trends.

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Previous sessions

Emerging Markets: Inflation races, growth braces

Listen now to Murat Ulgen, HSBC's Global Head of Emerging Market Research, for an in-depth discussion with Piers Butler as they explore some of the key questions facing EM investors today.

Goodbye Globalisation - Global Trade In A Post Pandemic World

Watch Shanella Rajanayagam, Trade Economist, for an in-depth discussion with Piers Butler on Global Trade in a post pandemic world and whether or not it is goodbye to globalisation.

The Metaverse Age

Watch now as Piers Butler and Davey Jose discuss the metaverse and the opportunities it presents for investors.

Caution reigns in the Emerging Markets

Watch now as Dr. Murat Ulgen, HSBC's Global Head of Emerging Markets Research, shares highlights from the 7th EM Sentiment Survey including why investors are taking a bearish view on the outlook for emerging markets.


Watch now as James Pomeroy and Herald van der Linde explore the effects on the global economy of an ageing world population, explosive growth in Africa and more.

Taking Stock of COP26

Watch now as Wai-Shin Chan, Head of Climate Change Research discusses the potential outcomes, risks and opportunities from COP26.

Energy Transition

Watch now as Sriharsha Pappu, Head of Chemicals Research at HSBC discusses with Piers Butler how power generation, transportation and industry are central to the transition of energy from carbon intensive sources.

Global Emerging Markets update

Watch now as Dr. Murat Ulgen delves into the big issues facing EM right now, such as Fed tapering, global growth, inflation and liquidity.

Automation: The pursuit of efficiency

Watch now as Helen Fang and Sean McLoughlin, heads of Industrial Research at HSBC, discuss the impact of Automation.

Future Consumer and the Four C’s

Watch now as we discuss the Luxury Good sector’s four Cs: Consolidation, Chinese, Channels and Conscience.

Future Cities – the changing shape of urbanisation

Watch now as we discuss the challenges that our future cities will have to contend with in a post COVID-19 world.

Are You Ready For Disruptive Tech?

Watch now as we discuss how to identify and position for the next technology disruption.

How to ride the data wave

Watch now as our Data Scientist dispels the myths and confusion surrounding machine learning, black boxes, heat maps and everything in between.

New horizons – 9 key themes to guide your outlook

HSBC Global Research is taking a new approach to investing in today’s world of disruptive, complex and rapid change. We are applying our multi-asset and geographical reach to understand the big events unfolding today and their investment implications through nine big themes.

New horizons

From Future Cities to Demographics and Energy Transition, this brochure explains our 9 themes and how to access them.

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