Qu Hongbin

Chief China Economist

A collection of recently published insights from Qu Hongbin.


Mainland China’s consumption lags

Unleashing savings can lift GDP, but help for small firms, jobs and incomes is needed


Injecting hope for 2021

Mainland China's exports to remain strong

Rising global demand will offset falling foreign orders for pandemic-related products

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Mainland China in 2021

With the recovery well underway, we identify five key themes to watch

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Beijing looks to manufacturing for growth

Mainland China is shifting its focus from the services sector back to industry

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Beijing needs more than one growth engine

New five-year plan should make mainland China look abroad too


Pandemic leaves lasting impact on China

Potential growth will be affected by low private investment and missed job opportunities

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Mainland China’s rebound accelerates

Infrastructure and property recovery raises our 2020 GDP forecast to 2.4 per cent

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China’s consumers remain reluctant

Sustaining the economic recovery requires households to resume spending

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