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The Macro Viewpoint - Tough times for UK firms, “new normal” for trade, lower for longer yields

We look at how the deteriorating economic outlook could increase the pressure on UK businesses, consider whether trade disruptions are here to stay and assess the outlook for global bond yields. This podcast is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Under the Banyan Tree - Asia's rising wealth

Herald van der Linde and Fred Neumann discuss the region's growing wealth levels and what they mean for Asian economies, industries and market dynamics. This podcast is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The ESG Brief - What are Scope 3 emissions and why do they matter?

Wai-Shin Chan, Head of ESG Research at HSBC, looks at the growing awareness of Scope 3 emissions among corporates and investors and what regulators are doing to encourage their disclosure. This podcast is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

China COVID-19 tracker

The latest data from China show daily new COVID-19 infections easing. Jing Liu, HSBC's Chief Economist for Greater China, highlights that government support measures are helping the economic recovery despite some inland provinces battling record heatwaves.

Europe macro tracker

Rampant gas prices, leading indicators suggesting a struggling economy, double-digit inflation – these are some of the reasons why we see Europe heading for recession. Click the link below to see the key charts for the week.

The new normal?

As pandemic-related supply chain pressures ease, businesses face new challenges, says HSBC's Shanella Rajanayagam. From soaring energy prices to geopolitical tensions… are supply chain disruptions here to stay?

The big baby bust

In much of the world, people are having fewer babies. While this isn't necessarily a new trend, the scale of the decline over the past few years has been dramatic. What if it continues? HSBC's James Pomeroy looks at the potential repercussions.

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