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The Macro Brief – Solving the productivity puzzle

Chris Hare, Senior European Economist, looks at why productivity in the UK and eurozone has lagged behind the US – and what can be done to address.

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 Under the banyan tree

Under the Banyan Tree - ASEAN Insights: Vietnam, Malaysia & Singapore

In the final podcast of our three-part special, Fred Neumann is joined by ASEAN Economist Yun Liu for a look at what makes these key Southeast Asian economies tick, from semiconductors to tourism and the 'concert economy'.

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This podcast is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Trade flows

Live Insights event: Trade in 2024 I 27 February

After a weak year for global trade, is recovery in sight? On 27 February, we are hosting a live event. HSBC’s Trade Economist Shanella Rajanayagam will discuss the outlook with me. We will cover questions including:

  • What could a busy election cycle mean for trade?
  • From climate to geopolitics, where are the key risks?
  • How will consumer demand hold up?
  • Nearshoring or new deals: what are the trends to watch?

For the answers to these questions and more: please register for this event, streamed live on our LinkedIn channel. Plus, don’t miss the chance to ask your own questions.

Want to go deeper? Hear more from Shanella on The Macro Brief podcast.

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Elsewhere in trade, Fred Neumann and Herald van der Linde have been busting myths on Asian supply chains in the Under the Banyan Tree podcast.

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Plus, don’t miss this episode with Parash Jain, Head of Shipping, Ports and Asia Transport Research, discussing the Red Sea situation and its impact on Asian supply chains.

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Central banks in 2024

To cut or not to cut?

Hopes are high that 2024 will be a year of substantial policy rate cuts. A careful examination of history, however, suggests that premature easing may backfire, says HSBC’s Senior Economics Adviser, Stephen King.

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Hear more from Stephen on The Macro Brief podcast.

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The Major bond letter

Steven Major, HSBC’s Global Head of Fixed Income Research, explains why it’s unusual that the eurozone and US rate expectations should be so aligned.

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Disruptive tech

The Macro Brief – The allure of AI

Mark McDonald, Head of Data Science and Analytics, looks at the sectors that are catching the eye of venture capital investors and the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

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Disruption Bytes

AI: Are there enough AI engineers to meet demand?

Drones: Will delivery drones be flying in the UK and Italy soon?

Q-Day: When will quantum computers be powerful enough to break modern-day encryption techniques?

HSBC’s Henry Ward and Davey Jose look at the latest developments in disruptive tech and the implications for investors.

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Plus, would a Metaverse by any other name smell as sweet? Read more from Henry and Davey in another thought-provoking edition of Disruption Bytes.

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Other recent reports

Ending 2023 on the up

The global composite PMI ticked up in December, thanks to widespread improvements in services data. However, firms remain cautious, says HSBC’s Maitreyi Das, with employment indices a possible cause for concern.

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Greater Bay Area Insight

While the headwinds may not fade anytime soon, supportive policy measures have recently been stepped up. HSBC’s economists say the key areas to watch are advanced manufacturing, green and low-carbon development, regional integration, and opening up.

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New EU fiscal rules

After finance ministers agreed on new EU fiscal rules, HSBC’s Fabio Balboni answers the top 10 questions from clients – explaining how the new rules work and why they matter.

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Commodity Economics Comment

Lithium prices rose sharply between 2020 and early 2023, but have since plummeted. HSBC’s Paul Bloxham and Jamie Culling explore what’s behind the moves.

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EU Green Deal Push (back)

The EU Green Deal set ambitious climate targets that are now supported by a comprehensive legislative framework. So what happens next? HSBC’s ESG Research team outlines the key milestones and issues to watch.

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Australia in 2024

What will Australian policymakers do next? Achieving ‘full employment’ is a great positive but sustaining it, while bringing high inflation back to target, is challenging, say HSBC’s Paul Bloxham and Jamie Culling.

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Vietnam at a glance

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Yun Liu and Jun Takazawa say Vietnam’s economy is now on a firm recovery track after coping with a number of challenges.

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