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Optimise working capital and make transactions in local and foreign currencies more efficiently.

Streamlining cross-border payments and collections by increasing payment efficiency is key to optimising working capital organisation wide. With a full range of multi-currency services that offer flexible transaction processing and account structures as well as robust reporting – HSBC gives you more control over your global cash flows with our payment and account solutions.

Commercial and Treasury Payments

To help you improve payment efficiency, HSBC offers a range of services such as auto repair, standing instructions, same-day advising and more. You’ll also have increased controls for priority, conditional or timed payments as well as real-time reporting and advising for enhanced transparency. Plus, with access to HSBCnet, you can validate transaction details online, receive confirmations immediately and customise payment templates to reduce errors in recurring transactions.

Foreign Currency Payments

Manage the conversion of both outgoing and incoming cross-border payments efficiently and cost effectively with HSBC’s suite of Foreign Currency Payments services. This includes the ability to initiate cross-border payments directly from your current account, routing them through HSBC’s Global Payment System for settling in your beneficiary’s local currency. Incoming foreign currency payments can be handled the same way, giving you access to enhanced fee and rate transparency, favourable rates and faster settlement. You can even make payments based on live foreign exchange rates from your current account securely using GetRate, our online real-time pricing tool that also features an integrated payments module.

Real-Time Payments

With a direct link to numerous clearing systems around the world, you’ll have the ability to send and receive your global payments in real-time. Backed by HSBC, you have the added confidence of knowing your payments will be delivered with speed and security.


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