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Gain more control over business expenses and manage working capital more effectively.

Beyond giving you greater visibility into company-wide spend by capturing valuable data on expenses, a well-designed Corporate Card programme can also be a key component of your overall global payments solutions strategy. That's why HSBC focuses on designing its card solutions to be an essential part of the payments mix. From Corporate and Purchasing cards, to Lodge and Virtual cards – our flexible, customisable solutions can help you reduce costs and strengthen negotiating power with vendors while improving cash flows and working capital.

HSBC’s Corporate Card

A simple and effective way to manage employee T&E expenses, HSBC Corporate Cards offer your employees best in class acceptance at millions of locations worldwide. You'll also have greater visibility into T&E spending, through our on-line programme management and reporting tools, allowing you to control and monitor policy compliance.

HSBC’s Lodge Card

With HSBC Lodge Card, you can create a central travel account that is securely embedded with your travel agent. This enables your organisation to manage air and rail expenditure more efficiently.

HSBC’s Purchasing Card

Designed to simplify procurement and payment processes, HSBC Purchasing Cards can be used for a wide variety of purchases. The right programme design and parameters can help reduce costs by reducing the time spent managing purchase orders and invoices in your organisation.

HSBC’s Virtual Card

With HSBC's Virtual Card, authorised users are allocated single use individual card numbers that can be subject to pre-approval and locked to a variety of control parameters for ultimate control over use.

Deeper insight into spend

Commercial cards allow a company to pay suppliers and settle day to day expenses. Our online portal delivers the control and visibility corporates need to manage card expenditure efficiently. Through a single interface, you have access to unique features such as:

  • Online card application and management in selected locations
  • Dynamic controls over cash availability, purchase type, value and frequency of purchase (in selected countries)
  • Access to supplier specific information and purchase details every time a card is used
  • Globally consistent and consolidated reporting on spend across commodities


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