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Make paper-based and electronic domestic and international payments.

Having more control over when and how payments are processed is key for optimising working capital. That’s why HSBC’s global payables solutions focus on streamlining the way you make paper-based and electronic domestic and international payments. With an array of automated processes, you’ll also be able to manage expenses and payments more effectively as well as minimise your exposure to payment fraud. Reconciliation is easier and faster as well, which can further help improve payments and working capital management.

Account Reconciliation Services

Identify exceptions quickly by systematically matching your account balances against transactions to simplify reconciliation of outgoing payments and outstanding receivables.

Cheque Outsourcing

Let HSBC centralise the processing, printing and mailing of all your out-going paper cheques, regardless of currency, to save on time and resources.

Credit Transfers

Use our electronic payment solutions to make fast, secure and cost-effective payments around the world and reduce the time and cost associated with processing paper cheques.

Global Disbursements

Global Disbursements combines HSBC FX services and payments services into one seamless process for cross border low value mass payments" Additional detail: "Make cross-border payments in 130+ currencies from a single operating account with one seamless process using Global Disbursements from HSBC. Send payments quickly and easily to vendors, clients, expatriates and retirees living abroad or any beneficiary globally. Consolidate cross-border payments to effectively reduce the number of foreign currency accounts your organisation needs to hold – saving money, streamlining reconciliation and gaining more control over cash flows.

Simplify your business transactions in the eurozone with the clarity, consistency and convenience of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), a borderless system of payments. Draw up the right strategy for your organisation and explore business opportunities created by SEPA with our guidance and expertise.


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