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For expanding into new growth markets and capitalising on existing global supply and sales chains which could help you to improve your revenues and market share.

Expanding into new growth markets is fundamental for increasing revenues and market share – whether that involves widening your supplier pool or establishing new customer relationships.

HSBC’s International Trade Growth solutions are designed specifically to help you capitalise on increasingly global supply chains and sales opportunities. Our comprehensive trade offerings could give you greater insight into trade activity to better manage the risk of doing business with global partners. With this, you could widen your supplier pool with greater confidence – enabling you to reduce inventory costs and offer competitive pricing. We’ll also aim to help you make the most of your working capital with cost-effective sources of funding to support your international trade growth as you simplify processes to monetise large and long-term sales more efficiently.

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At HSBC, we aim to connect the world through trade finance, helping business, people and the planet to thrive.


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