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Take advantage of HSBC’s far-reaching presence and extensive product knowledge in the rates markets to gain access to global liquidity and streamline transactions. To help you access global liquidity and transact seamlessly, the HSBC Global Rates group provides debt issuance, financing, innovative risk management and investment solutions through a broad selection of vanilla and structured products.

With an extensive presence in the world’s rates markets, HSBC brings our expertise in sales, trading, structuring and distribution together with award winning research in over 60 countries .

HSBC can unlock liquidity for you in more than 50 currencies. We prioritise pricing, execution and thanks to our large balance sheet capacity we can meet your requirements for risk management, structured products and money market instruments too. HSBC also holds a strong position in inflation-linked markets. In addition to our secondary market presence, we have a comprehensive client offering for all Eurozone sovereigns and we are a leading origination house for sovereign and supranational debt.

Plus, you also have access to structured rate products through our global platform to meet your asset and liability needs. We are linked up for 24-hour sales and trading coverage, which enables our clients to take advantage of opportunities through a full range of products, including:

  • Covered bonds
  • Index-linked and global government bonds
  • Sovereign, agency and supranational bonds
  • Inflation swaps
  • Interest rates swaps, options and forward rate agreements
  • Repos
  • Exotic interest rate products, such as quantos
  • Sovereign CDs

HSBC Global Rates is part of the Fixed Income business.


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