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To help strengthen partnerships with key suppliers around the world which could also help improve visibility and control over your global supply chain.

Searching out the best global suppliers is essential to strengthening your supply chain. Yet establishing new partnerships can be risky, especially if suppliers are undercapitalised.

HSBC’s Supplier Finance Management solutions focus on increasing the efficiency of transactions and payment terms to reduce the cost of funding – both for your organisation and for your suppliers. Our tailored supplier finance programmes aim to deliver competitively priced working capital to your suppliers, helping you better fund the supply chain. You could also improve your own working capital by extending Days Payable Outstanding without the need to rely heavily on less cost-effective unstructured lending programmes. Plus, with our online banking platform, HSBCnet, you’ll have a single point of access to accounts and information for enhanced control over global supply chains.

Connecting the world through trade finance

At HSBC, we aim to connect the world through trade finance, helping business, people and the planet to thrive.


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