HSBC Evolve

The smarter way to trade

Refresh your execution experience and take the complexity out of your day-to-day operations with HSBC Evolve, HSBC's award-winning intelligent and interactive platform.

Experience a fully integrated and customisable execution journey, from pre-trade through to post-trade.

Get ready to evolve the way we interact.


Accessible from HSBCnet, our online banking system, HSBC Evolve is just a click away.


It is easy to get started: you have the choice of a web-based platform without any installation requirements but Windows and latest browsers or you can download our app for an enhanced experience.

Click on the relevant health check below to see if your systems are compatible and you are ready to go:


To find our more about HSBC Evolve, please contact your Sales Representative or Relationship Manager. If you are a new client please send an email to