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Belt and Road Initiative is delivering on prosperity in MENAT

Investment prospects come at a time when nations along the so-called revitalised Silk Road are looking to transform themselves.

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MENAT evolving with the Asian corridor

MENAT region is an increasingly strategic hub for China’s Belt and Road Initiative, as the global economic order evolves eastwards to Asia.

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China: A global powerhouse for sustainable finance

Sustainable finance is a rapidly expanding movement. The power of the global financial system is now putting its weight behind this sector, nowhere is this more evident than in China

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China’s fintech market outshines all others

Technology is increasingly disrupting the world of finance, impacting businesses and consumers worldwide. The so-called fintech is now a global phenomenon, and nowhere is this more evident than in China.

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China muscles in on global bond markets

China is keen to develop its bond market and attract overseas investors. Given the size of the economy, the potential for growth is vast.

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China in the new world order

The economic and political drive behind the current world order used to be determined by the developed world. This is now being set by developing economies, particularly China.

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