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The platform's intuitive design and seamless client experience set it apart from competition. Specially designed to be interactive and intelligent, the HSBC Evolve platform offers an integrated and fully customisable execution journey, from pre-trade through to post-trade helping to make everyday treasury tasks quicker, easier, more efficient and secure.

Lee Butler, Global head of FX e-distribution at HSBC, said 'Everything started with the client. Inspired by the impact technology has made on our personal lives, with simple and intuitive solutions, we wanted to offer the same simplicity to our corporate clients. This award is a great recognition of our efforts to provide corporate clients a one-stop shop solution offering a robust, secure approach to managing FX.'

A valuable tool for global corporations

Some of the specific characteristics of HSBC Evolve include the ability to transact across multiple regions from one platform, hedging on behalf of different treasury centres or business units against different HSBC entities if required. Furthermore, clients can see all FX activities executed with HSBC regardless of how the trade was executed: therefore, if a trade is executed through other channels or by telephone, it is still shown on HSBC Evolve.

e-FX Awards 2017

Lee Butler adds 'A key design feature of HSBC Evolve is that it reflects the fact that every organisation is different, and therefore, treasurers want to view and interact with data in various ways. That's why the platform has a wide range of optional features that allow each client to tailor it to the specific needs of the organisation.'

This brings great value to global corporations, whether they operate a regional treasury organisation or on a more decentralised basis, providing treasury with a single view of exposures and hedges across the business, allowing them to evaluate and mitigate their risk at a group level more easily.

HSBC Evolve in a nutshell

With HSBC's history rooted in international trade, HSBC Evolve has a global reach allowing us to serve more than 6,000 clients in over 35 countries and giving access to over 1500 currency pairs.

  • Save time and costs for clients
  • Reduce operational overhead and risk
  • Giving clients increased control over their FX activities
  • A self-service FX trading platform supporting FX spot, forwards, swaps, non-deliverable forwards, time option forwards, algos, precious metals and more
  • Available 24/5.5, supported by a dedicated customer service team (subject to local public holidays)
  • Customisable user tools, with the ability to add or delete capabilities and currency tiles as required
  • Post trade portal offering online confirmations and trade history to client

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For Professional Clients and Eligible Counterparties only.

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