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Injecting hope for 2021

Injecting hope for 2021

An awful year ended as vaccination started. The new year can only be better

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ASEAN budget deficits stay high

Pandemic effect on revenues, more than extra spending, hits Southeast Asian economies

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Asia’s central banks shift direction

Post-pandemic, monetary policy is adding objectives other than inflation targeting

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Beijing looks to manufacturing for growth

Mainland China is shifting its focus from the services sector back to industry

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Biden’s global economic impact

New US president’s ambitious plans may be constrained by the Senate

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HSBC's latest Mission in the Middle East

Kuwait’s inclusion into MSCI Emerging Markets Index

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Central banks develop digital currencies

As cash usage declines, national banks are working on digital alternatives

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Can housing keep defying gravity

Can housing keep defying gravity?

Property prices worldwide have risen despite the recession. So far.

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