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Coronavirus flare-ups cause rough waves

How will continued COVID-19 flare-ups affect the global economy?

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Ageing Asians become health aware

But demographics mean the region must spend more on healthcare

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Good prospects for LatAm-Asia trade

Opportunities could emerge despite this year’s disruptions

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Asia’s tectonic demographic shifts

Population patterns are changing lifestyles and spending across the region

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The UK’s state of play

Five key questions for the UK economy

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The world still needs mainland China

But its exporters are increasingly self-sufficient

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What if it’s not V-shaped?

Further lockdowns threaten business failures and financial instability

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Fighting the fear

How willing are consumers to support the recovery?


China Market Liberalisation for Global Asset Managers

China’s market is widely regarded as highly attractive for asset managers and investors globally thanks to continuous reform of its capital market, further liberalisation of the broader financial system, simplification of investment channels and internationalisation of the RMB.

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