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Long-term oil demand uncertain

A net-zero emissions policy could see global oil consumption fall by 75 per cent

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Shipping trade disruption

Container freight rates soar, pushing up business costs

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Escrow solutions: Supporting the booming European M&A market

After grinding to a spectacular halt in the first quarter of 2020, M&A activity quickly bounced back despite the wider economic contraction. How can escrow solutions support the market?

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Cybersecurity spending must rise

Data breaches cost money: companies must invest to counter cyber attacks


Oil’s pathway to net-zero

European companies will need carbon offsets to achieve 2050 emissions goals

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Mainland China’s recovery momentum slows

Inflation remains low for now but it will be a slow road to policy normalisation

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Out of the wilderness: Securitisations navigate the volatility

The last twelve months have been an unprecedented tumultuous period for the securitisation market, but the industry is starting to show signs of recovery, something which is testament to the sector’s resilience and vibrancy.

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New renewables wave in ASEAN

Wind and solar generation capacity could almost by 2025 in leading Southeast Asian nations

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US regaining climate lead

President’s pledge to cut emissions puts pressure on others to target net-zero

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Carbon capture’s crucial decade

Technology can help world achieve net-zero emissions, but companies must be attracted

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