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Energy and Resources

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China electric vehicles

Driving demand in the world’s biggest car market

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Hard-hit LatAm to recover slowly

But buoyant commodities and strong Chinese demand should bolster region’s economies

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Mexico in 2021

Demand from the US will support manufacturing while interest rates fall

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Towards low carbon shipping

Batteries, biofuels, hydrogen, ammonia and digitalisation can all help decarbonisation

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Net-zero yes, but how?

Green-bond investors want to know how issuers will achieve emission neutrality

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Mainland China gets greener

Solar and wind capacity has grown faster than expected as country aims for carbon neutrality

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This is hydrogen’s decade

The green gas can fuel transport, heat buildings and power industry

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US set for climate action

Democrats' control of Capital Hill allows Joe Biden to bring sweeping change

In Brief

2021 is a key year for climate change

Science will be highly visible as climate pledges trickle in throughout the year


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