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Asian bond markets: Connecting the investment dots

The latest Asian Bond Investor Survey shows that investors’ thirst for yield remains unquenched, as the region toasts a record year for G3 bond issuance.

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The Asian crisis, 20 years on

The region is more resilient to shocks – but risks remain

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Asian high yield issuance – strong demand in an evolving market

High yield bond issuance in Asia is accelerating, as a strong demand for yield among institutional investors makes it attractive for companies to borrow from the market

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Asian local currency markets – trends and challenges

The market for local currency bonds in Asia is overlooked by many investors, but it is a huge market that brings its own unique opportunities and challenges.

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Regulatory capital in Asia – an evolving issuance environment

Asian banks have come a long way since the implementation of BASEL III, with further issuance to largely depend on regulatory demands

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Green bonds – funding the fight against climate change

Hong Kong is at the forefront of a drive to use debt capital markets to address the challenges presented by climate change

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Asian bond markets: Realising potential for global investors

Asian bond markets: Realising potential for global investors

Asia’s credit market has a strong start in 2017. Find out the driving force through the Asian Bond Investor Survey.

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Digital payments – towards a cashless society

Corporate treasurers need to be flexible to meet evolving payment demands of the consumer.

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What’s next? The evolution of digitisation

As corporate treasuries continue to play a vital role in managing cash flow and liquidity, how is digitisation changing the treasury function and what will it look like by 2020?

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Australia to take LNG lead

Production of liquefied natural gas to boost GDP and exports

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